"I have referred my patients to Steve Gordon for personal injury claims for 25 years for one reason alone: he is the best! I always tell my patients he is kind, a great listener, fair and generous. He is up on the sciences related to bodily injury and a no-nonsense litigator. I have watched him with juries who find him likable and believable. Above all, he is intelligent and articulate, which makes him a great choice when choosing a lawyer. I know he actually cares about the welfare of his clients...he is just a great guy!"


Redmond Back & Neck Pain Clinic

"A few years back I found myself enmeshed in a lengthy lawsuit. I was working with a different attorney and found myself growing irritated and anxious because that attorney was slow to return calls and did not seem willing to listen to my ideas. Steve is very selective about the cases he accepts, so I was thrilled when he agreed to take my case. Steve listened, returned calls and ultimately delivered more than I ever could have expected. Since then, I have referred a number of friends to Steve and will continue to do so. I trust him beyond words and will be eternally grateful for the wisdom, respect and expertise that he gave me. Thank you, Steve, for your support, respect, empathy, and most of all, for winning my case!"

LISA P., Real Estate Litigation Client

"Steve Gordon was responsive, attentive  and supportive. He helped us through the difficult, stressful days after an accident, and was our advocate with the insurance companies. He kept them in line, and we were pleased with the outcome. If you want someone who will fight for you and win, he's someone I recommend."

MARC F., Personal Injury Client



​"I am grateful to Steve Gordon for the help he gave me at a time of great trauma in my life. I incurred head and spinal injuries from a serious car collision. He handled my case to my complete satisfaction with deep understanding, compassion and integrity. I was able to focus on my healing, relieved from the added stress that would have ensued had he not been there to assist me. I had no insurance after my PIP benefits expired and Steve helped me get back the money I was forced to spend, from my personal savings, in order to have the medical care and surgery that literally saved my life. I also received a substantial additional amount of money for my pain and suffering. Thank you Steve!"

DIANE G., Personal Injury Client

"I would like to thank you for all your work in the case involving my daughter. Your marketing promotes your services as being 'compassionate'. I would agree completely. The difficulties surrounding our situation were greatly diminished by your compassion and expertise in winning our case. I hope we can repay the service you gave us by referring your law practice to anyone in a similar situation to ours."


Father of Personal Injury Client



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"As people born in the Philippines, it was hard for us to find a good lawyer to handle our case because we have broken English. When my wife and I talked to attorney Steve Gordon, he gave us confidence to rely on him without hesitation. He really listened to us. We told him about our accident and we didn't know whose fault it was. He made our insurance pay the doctors so we didn't have to spend money out of our pocket, and I had surgery to my rotator cuff. He explained everything to us and answered all our questions before signing any paperwork. We used some of the money he got for us to buy a new house. We thank you Steve. You are a good man. God bless you."


Personal Injury Clients

"I have known Steve Gordon for more than thirty years and referred many of my clients in need of civil litigation services to him. Steve has a good grasp of real estate law and is also an aggressive, convincing advocate for his clients. He has an unusually good understanding of when to settle a case and when to go to trial. Of all the cases I have referred to Steve over the years, I do not recall a loss in a single case that actually went to trial. He communicates well with clients, other lawyers, judges and juries. Steve's combination of skills and experience is hard to beat: an excellent litigator who knows real estate law, a great communicator with clients and in the courtroom, and reasonably priced as well. If you have a real estate litigation (or other civil litigation) problem, I heartily recommend Steve Gordon."

Alan N. Tonnon
Retired Washington Attorney
Author of Real Estate Books